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First time authoress Abigail A. Lustre is an American Anglophile, a life-long Jane Austen fan and a devoted daydreamer. She decided to combine these loves, embroidering some of her most-visited daydreams into her favourite story. She (only half-seriously) takes her fortune cookie as an omen, "You have a flair for adding a fanciful dimension to any story." Unaware until after this series' completion of the fabulously prolific genre of Jane Austen fan fiction, she will now be kept in books for life, thank you writers! Together with her own beloved "Mr. Darcy," she lives in a country cottage, enjoying her gardens. She is kept highly entertained by the neighbourhood posse of finches, sparrows and juncos, the occasional roadrunner, her fuzzy grey kitty "Wintersky" and buzzing, happy hives of honeybees. She sometimes pretends, of course, that she lives in England, a far cry from her true home in the enchanting high desert of Santa Fe, NM. Abigail can often be found playing the muse for her childhood friend, the artist Areena Estul, and assisting in her studio: making mermaid crowns, unicorn tiaras, goddess regalia and belly dance costumes for Dreaming Olypsis.

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read ABout
mischief at netherfield
an embellished
pride and prejudice variation
love's mysteries revealed
volume 1

Come on a playful romp back to Regency England! While staying true to every word of the beloved classic love story by Jane Austen, our “Love's Mysteries Revealed” 3-volume series seamlessly interweaves a deliciously fleshed out historical romance, with added hijinks, diversity and delightful intrigues. In Volume 1, Elizabeth Bennet has no idea her own virtue is in danger when she comes to rescue her beloved sister Jane, marooned by their mother’s indiscreet ploy in the home of her potential sweetheart Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth expects only displeasure at Netherfield. Especially with Bingley’s insufferably proud, rich friend Mr. Darcy in the house, and over the course of a week drawing room dramas and debates certainly ensue. But she also discovers secret pleasures to entertain her: among them, a hidden pool in the wood, a very interesting book in Bingley’s library, and a vision of a mysterious Eros that sparks a fantasy of her own ideal man.

Through a series of mischievous awakenings, indulgences, mistaken identity and intrigues, a very repressed Darcy fights his growing infatuation with a very high-spirited Elizabeth, whom he sees as a gold-digging temptress. While it's true her family is not so well off as the Bingleys and Darcys, she is a gentleman's daughter and won't be intimidated by elites. In fact, she detests Darcy, though he is gorgeous,  and is amused by his apparent cat-and-mouse flirtation with Bingley’s snobbish sister Caroline. While carefully preserving her reputation as a modest young woman, Elizabeth pines for a mysterious Eros she can never be with...or can she?

Elizabeth is faced with a terrible decision when the heir to the Bennets’ family home Longbourn, the clergyman with a peculiar habit, Mr. Collins, comes to choose a wife from among the five Bennet daughters. Must she sacrifice herself in order to save her family from ruin? Her best friend Charlotte has quite a surprise in store for her, and Elizabeth’s belief in love is threatened. But when the handsome soldier Mr. Wickham also comes to town, she believes she has found her ideal man at last. A perfect storm brews for more mischief to come in Volume 2 of “Love's Mysteries Revealed.”

This book is most appropriate for readers 18+

Cover art copyright 2019 Areena Estul

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