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Who is Olypsis?
Olypsis is my guiding muse. I had a very vivid night dream over half a lifetime ago, in which her name was invoked on an ancient beach...whether she was an actual person or a deity remains unclear.
I came to Santa Fe, NM in 1996 at 21 yrs old to live with my spiritual teacher and patroness Bette Rose, whose guides, the Angels, set me on an immersive course of discipleship and study. I chose an ascetic, celibate lifestyle for 7 yrs, during which I read everything I could about the myth of Atlantis and the archeology of lost civilizations. Primarily self-taught, I began drawing the ensuing visions that began to emerge in my mind's eye. (I feel that - no matter our religion, spiritual practice or belief system - we all have the capacity to tap into other realms of inspiration and wisdom. It is naturally awake in some; or like myself, that capacity is asleep but receptive to cultivation.) I worked in hospice care throughout this time, and had the honor of tending to some of Bette Rose's friends, witness to both sorrow and hope at the end of life. I look back on these formative years as my "priestess" time. After my teacher passed on, I had to find my way back into the "real world." Making a living took all my focus, and while I am forever grateful for that spiritual training, I was to humbly discover there are no shortcuts to maturity: I had lost 7 yrs of life experiences, emotional growth, and identity explorations, and had some catching up to do!
Art sometimes slipped into the background as my fulfilling career as a licensed massage therapist blossomed. As my artist self slept, dance became my main creative outlet and path of self-care, joy and empowerment. It cultivated my self-confidence, awakened my femininity and strengthened my body as it introduced me to the lovely sisterhood of dancers. It nourishes my spirit still! Yet I daydreamed of bringing all my various creative personas together - artist, belly dancer, costumer.
I am so inspired by the stories of others who have a fire in their belly, whatever their passion, and find a way to stoke it.
The memory of my dream of Olypsis remained latent, never forgotten, until in 2018, as the world shook and the old patriarchal systems and belief structures crumbled ever more, I felt the call to share her, whoever or whatever "she" is. I decided to create this website to show my work. "Who am I to use the name Olypsis?" I asked myself. Where is the proof "she" existed or was a mythic goddess? I have found none. Does that matter? A dear friend advised me, "As far as 'verifying' anything whatsoever, no muse needs verification – acknowledgement, gratitude, expression, yes."
And, I like how it sounds ... O-lyp-sis. Sweet as whispering waves.
Besides, whenever there is a major shift in the collective - such as we're continuing to experience now - the old gods and goddesses may lose meaning and power for us, their symbolism no longer serving our needs. New "gods & goddesses," symbols & archetypes emerge in the collective consciousness, helping us evolve and adapt to what's coming into being. Do you have such a muse whispering in your ear? Do they beckon you to recall your dreams and fulfill your soul's yearnings?
If not, I happily share this idea of Olypsis as a muse for the times with you.
I present my work with both a playful intention to embrace "Olypsis" into my life, and a strong resolve to be a creatrix henceforth.
I invite you, dear visitor to Dreaming Olypsis, to dive into this site and see if anything awakens your own dreams, desires & creative energy. And if the concept of Olypsis doesn't resonate, if it sounds too "woo woo," no worries! I live at high altitude in multi-Santa Fe, the City Different, after all, where the air is thin, artists abound and we're used to woo woo.
Whether she be an artist's fantasy, a forgotten archangel, earth deity, sea goddess or creative muse, may Olypsis awaken us to reclaim our innate equality, our creative spirits and authentic voices.
May she be a symbol that embraces diversity, celebrates the healing power of beauty and pleasure, and encourages kindness.
May you fulfill your unique talents and shine your Light into the world.
Remember that you are beautiful, you are precious, and the world needs your voice and perspective.
Please feel free to share what you wish for and for-see in a new archetype, and if any have been knocking at your door.
We are dreaming Olypsis.
Cheers & Blessings, Areena Arjuna Estul
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